Web Templates V. Custom Web Design

Custom web design is pricey yet desirable. A website designed from scratch especially for your online purposes is the ideal for many webmasters. What many fail to realize however, is that there is a much better solution to customized site design. Using a web template can generate a tremendous amount of savings and still be customized to suit your specific needs.

Custom Web Design
A quality web designer is highly skilled and knows that his services are worth a great deal. His rate can be very high for custom work, which is a deterrent for many starting new websites. He might also be unreliable. Many designers are pulled in many directions; they have their own websites to build as well as client work.

You pay a high price for a designer that may be hard to speak to when you are ready for a status check or have questions. In addition, the final product does not always meet your expectations. It can be extremely difficult to explain to another person your vision of colors, fonts and layouts. In today’s global marketplace, the difficulty of explaining your ideal design is complicated further by language barriers. The finished product, once it meets your expectations, will cost plenty of time, frustration and dollars.

Web Templates
Web templates are designed by the same individuals who create custom site designs. A web template, however is pre-designed and can be sold to more than one individual. Some are sold to a single buyer, but most are sold or made available for free to an open-ended number of users.

This means that you can obtain a professionally designed website for a fraction of the cost of custom web design. The only catch is that it is likely modifications must be made to the template to suit your specific purposes.

Modifying Web Templates

Modifying a web template is far simpler than it seems. With only a basic knowledge of programs such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver, you can open the template files on your own computer and customize the design.

Adding you own text, banners and content is simple. Insert your own images and logos. If you are uncertain of how to go about making these changes, you can brush up on your knowledge by researching web tutorials on basic formatting changes or hire someone with experience to modify the template for you.

Price Comparison
Custom web design is offered on a project or hourly rate. The project rate is based on the number of anticipated hours a website will take to create. These figures can be staggering. Even a seemingly basic website can cost thousands.

Purchasing a web template will generally cost less than two hundred dollars, and some are offered free, but usually come with conditions. One you have a template, you have eliminated the hours spent on creating the fundamentals of a custom website. Now paying a designer an hourly rate for basic design changes will be a tremendous savings. If you make the changes yourself, you won’t have any additional costs. Web templates are an obvious solution to low cost customized websites.

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