Free Website Templates

While free website templates make up the minority of templates available on the internet, they have features and advantages that can not be overlooked. Of course the template is free, which is always a terrific boon, but these templates contain benefits that might not appear at first glance.

Advantages of Free Website Templates

Moving beyond the cost, or lack there of, free website templates offer other benefits to users. Website templates are created by the same designers that code custom sites. Templates are simply available to multiple buyers. The number of available templates is growing on a daily basis and as new platforms are introduced, the number of templates is expected to grow further.

If you find a free website template of high quality, you will be able to utilize the basic features of the design. You will also be able to customize any piece that does not meet your specifications. You will not only save a great deal of money while creating your site, but you’ll save plenty of time and effort as well. It is far easier to tweak an existing site than create one from scratch.

Areas of Concern

Many web developers have concerns about using free website templates. Many feel that free resources are inferior to the templates available for sale. While it is possible this is true for some templates, it is not necessarily the norm. Many designers choose a few designs to offer as free templates with the condition that their name or website be displayed on the newly-developed site. These free templates are of the same quality as those available for sale and even custom sites, but are offered free as a form of marketing – much like submitted articles.

Another concern is that free website templates are downloaded and used by too many individuals or companies, perhaps even the competition. A web developer wants a unique presence in the online marketplace, and having an identical design to hundreds or thousands of others is not the way to do so. This is a legitimate concern, but can be alleviated by careful customization.

Playing it Safe

Like any other products, quality varies among website templates. It is the responsibility of the consumer, or developer, to find the template not only suited to their purpose, but of the necessary quality as well. It is useful to understand the basics of coding languages, even if you are not a coder yourself. This way, you are always able to scan the backend of the website for glitches or messy work.

It is also important to know the essential elements of design to ensure you are selecting a template that meets all critical elements. Ease of use, site maps, and simplicity of design should all be considered as well as any specifics your particular site requires. Free website templates are a great asset, but for best results must be selected and used carefully.