Readymade Web Templates - The Negatives

Pre-designed web templates, for most of us, at first may appear to be really handy creations. But a bit of closer analysis would reveal that it has some glaring drawbacks that could eventually lead to more issues than solutions later on for the webmasters. Given below are few reasons why readymade web templates are not so good an idea.

  • The issue starts with the code itself, which ideally must be search engine friendly. Unfortunately, virtually none of the free web templates available in the web have search engine friendly codes. Then there are templates created entirely in Flash, which are unspiderable. People tend to overlook such crucial aspects usually.
  • W3C compliance: Most of the ready made web templates available in the web are not W3C compliant, which in fact sets the standard for website coding.
  • Another essential property of a website is its cross browser compatibility. That is, how it is programmed to be compatible with all popular browsers in vogue. Many of the pre-designed web templates are not optimized this way.
  • In web design, there are certain best practices or quality standards that every web designer strictly adheres to (like positioning the logo on the top left hand side of the webpage). But, the same cannot be said about pre-designed web templates.
  • Yet another major flaw observed with pre-designed web templates is its navigation. In most cases, the navigation used in free web templates rarely meets one’s actual requirements. What is the use in having such a website?

To sum it up, unless yours is not a freak website, it is always better to have a website designed by professionals than going for a free web template for the sake of saving few hundred dollars. If you do so, sooner or later, you’ll end up spending more.