Using Web Templates

Creating websites was once a job best undertaken by professionals with years of experience and often a high fee. Fortunately, this is no longer the case as the internet is now filled with web templates to help the average user design a professional looking website - without the help of a paid designer.

Web Templates

Web templates are best compared to paint-by–number pictures so popular among the toddler set. They are simply pre-designed websites that make it simple to add relevant information, content, links, logos, and pictures. The HTML coding is already set up, and by cutting and pasting to add the items that make a site unique, a user can design an effective website in very little time, and for very little money.

Using Web Templates

If a user has proficient knowledge of basic software programs, that individual should have no trouble creating a website using web templates. Software such as Microsoft FrontPage, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop are well know and incredibly user-friendly. Often an individual simply downloads and saves a web template from the internet, or perhaps even uses a template that came with a software package. Once the web template is obtained, simply open the file in the design program of choice and begin.

Processes such as cutting and pasting, word processing, and importing files are very similar, or even identical, to functions in programs such as Microsoft Word. If a user does not feel comfortable working in an HTML editing program such as FrontPage, he can also use the same internet source that provided the original web templates to customize it with the correct information. In some cases, however, this is not as economical as completing the customization on an individual basis.

Distinguishing a Quality Template

It is important to find and use web templates which are of excellent quality. There are ways to distinguish a high quality web template. Examples include:

  • Ease of downloading the template
  • The template should be easy to edit
  • The template should be compatible with popular software
  • The template should upload easily

The Financial Benefits

Retaining a professional designer to create a website can be expensive. A basic homepage can cost upwards of $600, and additional linked pages will be even more. An expertly designed website might also take weeks to complete. By using web templates, there is a small investment of time and energy on the user’s part, but the rewards are enormous. Not only does the web template save the individual tremendous amounts of time, but the biggest savings is where it truly counts - in the wallet.