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Conversion Of A Word Document To HTML Using W2CSS!

W2CSS is a program that produces a simple HTML file from an MS word document. The HTML that is generated from the word document is a simple and clean code.

This program uses MS word macro for translating word paragraph styles into CSS class definitions.

A style is nothing but formatting instructions that decide how a block of text has to appear. Word styles give instruction on how the text has to appear on a printed page and CSS styles not only take care of printed page styles, but also how the pages appear on the Web.

Although, many people use MS Word, not many really know about these styles that are available in Word and their benefits. There are two types of styles in Word: character styles and paragraph styles.

HTML (hypertext markup language) is a way of using annotations in a plain text file to show formatting. This markup is indicated with the use of tags that enclose the plain text. To indicate a Level 1 heading, the text of the heading has to be enclosed in a “tag” at the beginning and at the end of the text. For example, it has to be tagged as “This is a Level1 Heading.”

CSS (Cascading style sheets) are a system that provide styles within the current structure of HTML. With CSS, instead of the browser controlling the formatting, the person creating the webpage controls the formatting by giving specific instructions. The required style information can be linked to HTML elements. (more…)

Making A Style Statement With CSS Templates!

Starting with a lot of enthusiasm to create a website and getting stuck at the design stage is not a great feeling. All the planning and scheduling go haywire. All the excitement dissipates and gives way to a feeling of incompetence. People usually feel that anything can be done even without experience because of the huge amount of information available on the Web and it is true to a certain extent; but designing a website requires skill that takes time to develop.

If in need of getting the job done at the earliest and with good results, using professional services is the way to go. Engaging a designer will put a huge dent in the wallet; a smarter thing would be to get good powerful pre-built templates from a reliable source.

A website built on premade web templates is done quickly and most economically.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS,) as the name reveals is an extremely easy and simple mechanism to add style to web pages, in the form of beautiful colors, fonts and spacing, headings and links. Style sheets are attached to web documents and the webmasters as well as the readers can influence how the documents are presented on screen and in print.

The only reason most people use html is because they have been used to it for a long time; otherwise, CSS is a w3 applicant and is very modern and technical. (more…)